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All in One innovation in real estate repair processes

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Justo Pago is the agile, honest and total solution for all the repairs that are required in homes and companies. Justo Pago began as a traditional company in the processes of quotation and execution of its services; therefore, their response times were suboptimal compared to the reaction speed of the digital age. Our challenge was based on improving the commercial experience in the process of quotation, execution and supervision, through the implementation of technology for the benefit of its clients and its community.


Improved experience in documentation and monitoring processes

Justo Pago can track the complete execution process thanks to the implementation of the log and the photographic report that the service provider uploads with each execution.

All in One of their work tools

For the development of quotation, execution and supervision processes, users in the administrative and production areas used to use different tools, such as: Gmail, Google Calendar, Excel, WhatsApp Business and Siigo. However, this caused discomfort to users due to the number of applications to be used, the lack of connectivity between them and the limitations of each one. For this reason, the developed tool has specific functionalities of each system that they used, in order to connect, streamline and facilitate the performance of the activities of each user.

Innovation in the sector

The new functionalities of the platform allow innovation in a sector characterized by being traditional.

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Our contribution

  • UX Research
  • UX Testing
  • UI Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Video Production
  • Gamification
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